Photographing newborns is my absolute passion. The birth of your baby and the weeks that follow are the most precious yet fleeting time. Everyone warns you, but they really don’t stay newborns for long which is why capturing this amazing time is so important. Having images that you can look back on and remember exactly how they were as a tiny newborn… with the peach fuzz on their ears and flaky newborn skin, the colour of their hair and just how tiny they look in Mum and Dad’s arms is just too precious not to capture.

Sessions include a combination of posed and lifestyle/candid photography. Using a beanbag and simple props, I have a minimalistic approach to styling using natural and organic soft tones in different textures to keep the focus on the baby. I like the images to be all about your precious little bundle and capturing the connection and the sweet in between moments with Mum and Dad and siblings too.

As a guide, the average session will last about 2.5 – 3 hours. No time restraints are put on newborn sessions, taking as much time as needed using the baby as our guide so everyone feels relaxed.

Newborn sessions can be done at anytime however, I recommend booking your session in when your baby is between 6 -12 days old. Photographing newborns in this time frame allows us to capture them in all their beautiful newness when they are still so small and sleepy. After the 2 week mark, babies tend to have more awake time.

 Please contact me at any time to discuss booking in your newborn session. I would love to hear from you!